Tuesday 27 March 2012

Crane Lorry becomes Maun Motors' first Crossrail Compliant Vehicle

Maun Motors recently updated several lorries for a rental customer, to bring them in line with the vehicle safety standards required for Crossrail construction vehicle compliance. This is now a service we can provide to any long-term hirers who have vehicles working on the Crossrail project.


Crossrail have taken the bold move of implementing the vehicle requirements across all of their construction sites in and around London, including several new stations and miles of new underground rail tunnels, to help reduce the number of collisions between HGVs and cyclists, thus improving cycle safety around the capital. 
Crossrail implements lorry requirements to improve cycle safety - Crossrail

To achieve Crossrail compliance, many additional safety-related features must be added to all larger construction vehicles, with a GVW in excess of 3,500 Kg, with all regular visiting drivers also being required to undertake road safety awareness training. 
Cycle safety boosted as first 1,000 Crossrail lorry drivers complete road safety awareness training - Crossrail

Crossrail HGV Safety Standards - Key Features:

Side-Scan Detection & Warning Systems
The key piece of equipment is known as a "side-scan" system. This technology works in a similar way to the parking sensors installed in the bumpers of many modern cars.  When the vehicle is at a standstill or travelling at low speeds, several ultrasonic sensors mounted to the near-side of the vehicle activate and alert the driver by means of an in-cab buzzer, which beeps more frequently the closer an object is. Therefore, the lorry driver is notified of any pedestrian or cyclist located in their blind-spot. The demand for these products since the Crossrail requirements came into force has led to many side-scan manufacturers running out of stock!

Side Under-Run Guards
The vast majority of HGVs operated by Maun Motors are already fitted with side under-run guards, which help prevent cyclists or pedestrians from falling beneath the rear wheels of a truck. Instead, the guards are intended to push any stricken person out of the way, so these are an essential requirement of the Crossrail vehicle safety standards.

To provide a further dimension of safety, the side guards can also display a warning message to cyclists on the near-side, which we have incorporated, as shown below:

Fresnel Lens
To further reduce the lorry driver's blind-spot, a refractive Fresnel lens must be fitted on the opposite door window (near-side for right hand drive vehicles, off-side for left hand drive vehicles). The Fresnel Lens is made from thin, clear plastic and is press-fitted to the truck window. The concentric rings on the inside surface of the lens provides a downwards view close to and around the lorry’s passenger door, whilst still allowing the driver to see directly through it.

Blind Spot Mirrors
In addition to the Class IV & Class V blind spot mirrors which are already a requirement under EU law, Crossrail compliance requires an additional Class VI blind spot mirror. These mirrors mount to the cab above the windscreen, towards the near-side and enhance the driver's view of the roadway directly in front of the vehicle cab.

Rear Warnings for Cyclists
Despite numerous high-profile road incidents and national campaigns, some cyclists remain oblivious to the dangers of passing or moving alongside a lorry, especially on the near-side. Therefore, Crossrail specify that warning notices must be fitted to the rear of such vehicles, with the hope of spreading awareness of the dangers to cyclists.

In-Cab Warnings
To remind drivers of their own safety obligations, various decals must be displayed within the cab. These must include a reminder that all occupants must wear seat belts, driving or working under the influence of drink or drugs is against Crossrail policy, daily vehicle inspections must be carried out. With our in-house vinyl sticker & sign design & print capabilities, producing bespoke signs for this application is no problem.

Other Requirements
Some of the other Crossrail requirements, which will already be standard fit to the majority of trucks include:
  • Seatbelts, which must be fitted & worn at all times by all occupants
  • Rear view mirrors
  • Reversing alarm/sensor/camera & monitor
  • Vehicle lights to be checked daily for operation, condition and security
  • Hazard warning triangle to be carried at all times
  • Vehicles must be light in colour with reflective markings fitted where appropriate
  • Hi-Visibility vests/jackets to be worn by drivers at all times whilst driving & unloading
  • Daytime running lights.  On vehicles which do not have running lights fitted, sidelights or dipped-beam headlights must be turned on when on site
  • Window tinting - no tinting in addition to the standard vehicle manufacturer tint must be applied to vehicle windows
  • ABS anti-lock brake system must be fitted to all vehicles
  • Fire extinguisher of appropriate type & size must be carried at all times
  • Spare bulb kit must be carried at all times
  • Amber flashing lights - double beacon and front & rear amber LED strobes must be fitted to all construction vehicles

If you are working on a Crossrail contract, either using your own vehicles or using rented vehicles, you will need to be operating fully compliant vehicles or risk having your vehicle turned away, as detailed in the following article:  Crossrail building sites turn away lorries that are ‘blind’ to cyclists (times.co.uk)

The Crossrail goods vehicle standards are also in line with the major vehicle requirements of similar schemes aimed at reducing WRRR (Work Related Road Risk) and collisions with vulnerable road users, such as CLOCS and FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme). So if you have a requirement for hiring a CLOCS-compliant truck or FORS-compliant lorry, please contact us using the details below.

In most cases, we can make any of our HGVs Crossrail-compliant in a matter of days. If you have a requirement for a vehicle to be used on a Crossrail construction site, please get in touch to enquire on availability and cost by calling 01773 810007 or submitting the contact form on our website.


Saturday 3 March 2012

Maun Motors for Van, Truck, Minibus and Specialist Commercial Vehicle Hire & Rental

Maun Motors Self Drive are specialists in Commercial Vehicle Hire and Rental.  Our large vehicle rental fleet of over 800 vehicles consists of modern, high quality commercial vehicles, with most featuring fuel-efficient and eco-friendly Euro 4 & Euro 5 engines, which are also compliant with the 2012 London Low Emission Zone (LEZ) regulations.

From small van hire to 15 seat Minibuses to 32 tonne GVW crane lorries and Moffett truck-mounted Fork Lift hire, we have a commercial to suit most customers' needs.  Our specialist HGV rental fleet features one of the largest selection of Crane Lorries (Hiab Trucks) in the UK, besides Skip Wagons, Box Vans, Flatbeds, Dropsides and Curtain-Siders.

For more information visit our website at www.maunmotors.co.uk/hire or call direct on 01773 810007.

We are centrally located within the UK, with our headquarters just 1 mile off M1 Junction 28 (Mansfield/Sutton-In-Ashfield/Alfreton/South Normanton), which conveniently allows us to serve the Midlands including Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and Birmingham along with South Yorkshire, Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster and the rest of Britain including London.

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