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Moffett Truck-Mounted Forklifts

Moffett truck mounted fork lift mounted on rear of 26 tonne flatbed lorry
Moffett Fork-Lifts
Moffett M8 NX TMFL forklift

Moffett Truck-Mounted Fork-lifts

Looking like a machine more suitable for a lunar landscape, the innovative Moffet has effectively revolutionised the haulage industry…

Indispensable for modern transport load-handling situations - the Moffett is usually carried ("piggyback") on the rear of a truck or trailer combination - where it can be dismounted and ready for challenging work in less than a minute.

Compared to more conventional forklifts, Moffetts and other truck-mounted fork lifts ("TMFLs" are lighter, more agile and can be used in places where accessibility is difficult.

It all began in 1945, in the small town of Clontibret, Ireland, where Cecil Moffett founded an engineering company and began producing special agricultural equipment for local industry.  2017 now sees Moffett products sold in over 45 countries worldwide and universally recognised as the market leaders.

Moffett hire - truck mounted fork lift, artic tractor unit & curtain side trailer HGV rental

Pictured above: A Maun Motors Curtain-sider available for hire - complete with rear-mounted Moffett.

Formerly known as "Moffett Mounty" - this all-wheel-drive, highly agile machine with a low unladen weight, (maximising truck carrying capacity) and with a short overhang for length regulations, is ideally suited for rough terrains and is available with a range of engines for heavy or difficult-to-handle loads - boasting lifting capacities up to 3.5 tonnes.

Being one of the most flexible, portable delivery-systems on the market – means there is no more waiting for a customer's forklift to unload your vehicle. Businesses can deliver where they want, when they want, even over difficult ground conditions. Built for industrial and commercial applications the Moffett is suitable for use on most trucks and trailers and is transported/ connected using the unique Moffett shock-absorbing mounting kit.

Video on youtube:

Highly versatile - the Moffett is ideally suited to applications as diverse as: Turf delivery, delivering building materials direct to site. Farm deliveries of agricultural feed and fertilisers. Delivery of scaffolding materials, building materials and insulation, heavy haulage and food distribution, in fact - most palletised distribution can be handled by a Moffett.
Standard features include:
A moving mast - the mast is ‘reached’ forward to pick up loads from the front of the wheels.
Safety features include: road lights, beacons, reversing beeper and an industry standard seatbelt.
A differential-lock provides better grip when driving on difficult terrains and specially constructed ROPS/FOPS (Rollover/Falling Object Protective Structure) is fitted for extra driver protection. 

Reach Further with Lift Assist plus Pantograph or Extending Forks

The combination of “Lift Assist” with pantograph or telescopic forks on the M5 & M8 range enables you to load and offload from the far side of a fully loaded truck with all mast functions such as side shift and tilt, without causing the mast to collide with the truck or trailer body.
The scissor / pantograph mechanism allows the operator to lift product from one side of the truck or trailer. Another system which enables one-side off-loading is a Moffett with long-reach extending forks, which we also have on our Moffett hire fleet. A benefit of a pantograph extension, over extending forks, is that this device uses standard section forks, whereas extending forks are much bulkier.

For complete Moffett specifications, please see the official HIAB Moffett website.

Moffett fork lift working in extreme terrain conditions

A little extreme but the above photograph shows how a Moffett deals with ‘damp conditions’!

Battery powered

Hiab Moffett E-Series

The Hiab Moffett E-Series models are setting new standards in placing environmentally responsible technology on the backs of trucks and trailers - while significantly reducing the total cost of ownership.
Moffett E-Series electric fork lift

The Moffett E-Series is the world's first Lithium-ion battery-powered truck-mounted fork-lift, ideal for urban deliveries in locations where access is restricted and low-noise or no emissions are paramount.

Equipped with the latest Lithium-ion battery technology, the E-Series does not generate or release any emissions and is silent in operation, making it perfect for urban and night-time deliveries.

Because it operates on Lithium-ion technology, the Moffett E-Series offers a reduced Total Cost of Ownership and a much better Return on Investment as compared to diesel truck mounted fork-lifts.

All the E-Series models has the flexibility of on-board charging as well as charging from wall-sockets.  For more information visit the E-Series page on the Moffett website.

Rent a Moffett forklift - Moffett Mounty TMFL hire

Rent a Moffett

Established in 1972 and holding the UK’s largest Moffett Rental Fleet, Maun Motors Self-Drive
(a local family business) are commercial vehicle hire specialists with a fleet of over 800 vehicles including trucks, vans, crane lorries, minibuses and Moffett Fork-Lifts.  

With a huge range of Moffett truck-mounted fork-lifts and loader cranes ("Hiabs"), Maun Motors Self Drive has one of the most comprehensive selections of vehicle-mounted load-handling systems available to hire in the UK, including the Moffett M4 and the larger Moffett M8.
Maun Motors have Moffetts available with Lift Assist and Pantograph mast extension or extending forks.

Extending beyond forklifts themselves, Maun Motors also hire a range of Curtain-side Trucks, Dropside Trucks, Flatbed Lorries and even 40ft Artic Trailers complete with Moffett mounting kits.

For further information and full specifications, download the PDF or give them a call on 01773 810007, they will be delighted to assist in finding the best commercial vehicle to hire for your needs.

Moffett Forklift Training

Drivers with a lorry licence can boost their skills and increase job prospects with a ‘Truck Mounted Forklift’ Certificate.
All operators of Moffett trucks are required to hold a ‘Certificate of Training’ which shows they have attended a training course and passed a test to a set National Standard.

The National Plant Operators Registration Scheme (NPORS) is the centralised validation, registration and certification scheme for all RTITB (Road Transport Industry Training Board) accredited training, giving drivers a certificate respected by the Health and Safety Commission and the Construction Industry. (RTITB is the largest lift truck training accrediting body in the UK and Ireland).

Until 2005 there was no system in place to identify people who are trained to drive fork-lift trucks nationally. The NORS system, introduced by the Road Transport Industry Training Board, aims to correct that. Registration with the NORS system lasts for three years.  After that, the RTITB will write to the operator to remind them that refresher training is due and will also remind them of the name of their original training provider.

Certificate of Basic Training: There is no legal requirement to issue certificates of basic training, but they provide evidence that operators have received relevant training and achieved an appropriate level of operating ability. The employee will need evidence of training if they change jobs.

Worth watching… This video is a summary of the inaugural Moffett World Championship Finals 2015 in Ireland – it really shows the drivers skills and the Moffetts’ capabilities: 

...and here's how not to do it!…  

The Law

The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) place certain requirements on employers, who must make sure that all people who use, supervise or manage the use of work equipment have received adequate training.

Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) for lift-truck operator training

This summarises the main points regarding operator training from the HSE Approved Code of Practice (L117) Rider-operated lift trucks: Operator training and safe use. Approved Code of Practice and guidance. ‘Rider-operated’ means any truck capable of carrying an operator and includes trucks controlled from both seated and stand-on positions, which may be fixed or fold-away.

Potential lift-truck operators should be: Reasonably fit, both physically and mentally, to safely control and operate lift trucks, with the learning ability and potential to become competent operators; Reliable with a responsible attitude to their work; Physically capable (medical advice and reasonable adjustments to enable some disabled people to work as lift-truck operators. The Equality Act 2010 is likely to apply; Over the minimum school-leaving age (16), except in ports, where they must beat least 18 years old, unless they are undergoing a suitable course of training, properly supervised by a competent person. Children under 16 should never operate lift trucks

Find out more…

Consulting employees on health and safety: A brief guide to the law Leaflet INDG232(rev1) HSE Books 2008

Rider-operated lift trucks: Operator training and safe use. Approved Code of Practice and guidance L117 (Third edition) HSE Books 2013 ISBN 978 0 7176 6441 2

Use lift trucks safely: Advice for operators Pocket card INDG457 HSE Books 2013

Accrediting Bodies Association (ABA) for workplace transport training

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